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Karim Phillips

Free Home Inspection

It’s very important to obtain a home inspection with the purchase of any new or existing home. While there are many reasons one (buyer) should obtain a home inspection it’s not mandatory. A home inspector can be very helpful when it comes to learning all you can about your home. No one wants to find out after settlement occurs that there are some issues with the home that could have been addressed before settlement. If you don’t complete a home inspection when your purchasing a home, then how will you know if there are any issues with the home you are purchasing? This could prove very costly and end up costing you a fortune to address after settlement. No one likes unpleasant surprises and finding a costly repair after settlement is depressing. Our goal at Pearl Properties Realty is to provide our clients with all the information they need to make an informed decision on what could be one of the biggest investments they may enter into.
Pearl Properties Realty will provide the buyer/buyers with a free home inspection for any buyer/buyers we represent as a buyers agent. Pearl Properties Realty will pay for the home inspection the day the home goes to settlement.

The buyer has the right to select their own home inspector. If the buyer chooses the same home inspection company that is suggested by Pearl Properties Realty, then Pearl Properties Realty will cover the entire cost of the home inspection at time of settlement. If the buyer chooses a different home inspection company, then Pearl Properties Realty will provide a credit to the buyer/buyers at settlement which may or may not cover the entire cost of the home inspection.